Funtional Fabric For Technical Wear

Funtional Fabric For Technical Wear
Recycled Racing Wear
The world economy advanced then brought bad effect on earth. People get strong feeling from bad environmental and climate problem. Recycled PET is one of best way to improve sustainability efforts worldwide. As consumer demand for sustainable products continues to grow and the emergence of specific pet recycling facilities, it is likely that R-PET will play an increasingly important role in the future of sustainable packaging.
According Paris Climate Agreement, till 2030, the consumed bottom will be recycled more than 50%. To be a responsible brand, we will be responsible for our products, to use recycled materials as more as possible.
kEVLAR Abrasion Clothing
Kevlar is one of two materials that can be used to make bulletproof vests and helmets. It is also the only soft material that can stop bullets. It is commonly used in space and military minds. On the basis of the same weight, fibers made of Kevlar are 8 times stronger than steel, thanks to its aramid. Its fibers are connected together to form longer yarn structure chains due to the circular molecular structure. In essence, the strength of Kevlar is not depended by its woven way. Rather, at the molecular level of the raw material. The strength of the fiber does not affect its weight either. In our outer wear products, in addition to protecting some specific places that are prone to wear, they can also effectively resist the wear and aging that occurs naturally in daily life and in the environment.
CORDURA Abrasion Pants
CORDURA is made of nylon 6.6 and is lightweight but still very robust. The most important feature for this substance is that it is resistant to abrasive loads. It is also cut and tear resistant. The PU coating makes the fabric waterproof, dirt-repellent and breathable at the same time.
All these characteristics together make Cordura very suitable for processing in the vulnerable parts of outdoor clothing. We are developing a serious which high abrasion and longest life for normal city lifestyle.
SORONA sustainable Sport wear
DuPont first created spandex in 1959 as a revolutionary material fiber that combined flexibility with superior strength and resilience. As dominant as it is in the world of stretch fabrics, it’s not perfect. With this super-strength comes certain functional drawbacks and difficulties which includes its shorter life span, slow dry time, and inability to be recycled.
In response to this dilemma, DuPont has discovered a sustainable alternative: Sorona®, a plant-based, equally stretchy fabric.
Polyester does a really good job of wicking and drying. The revolutionary Bio-PDO compound turns a formerly chemical process into an eco-efficient biological one.
Sorona will be used on our sport wear for best soft, flexible, and stain resistant properties.
Dermizax brethable waterproof jacket
With its strong industrial application technology, TORAY has become the only company in the world with non-porous film production technology. The non-porous film disperses human sweat and water vapor through the principle of solid-state diffusion. Other films on the market use microporous technology to achieve the same effect. Diffusion in a solid state is the forward movement of atoms through a solid from one point to another. DERMIZAX fabrics allow water vapor to fuse through the membrane at the molecular level, achieving a amazing breathable effect. This technology can make the product waterproof and breathable without considering the balance between the two, so that the waterproof can reach 50000mm without sacrificing the functional data of breathability.
We will use this kind of technology on waterproof products in the near future.
Grafene Winter outer wear
Only a single atom thick, graphene is one of the latest super materials discovered in the laboratory, and it will become the technological basis of many industries in the future. It became widely known because its discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010. However, its application in the civil field has been very slow. Our brand will use this material in our products in the near future, and will become one of the few clothing companies in the world. The advantages of using graphene in clothing are obvious. It is not only light, but also strong and resilient. Using just one layer of graphene mesh can stop a moving train. In addition, it is also conductive, which can effectively eliminate annoying static electricity in the cold and dry season. Of all the materials discovered so far, graphene has the best heat retention and conductivity, which means that the heat radiating from your body will be well recovered, warming the body by about 1.7 degrees Celsius. In essence, you can now have an extra layer of protection in the winter of climate change and instability. In fact, what you are wearing is the future.
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