Durable Water Repellent

Durable Water Repellent Function

Only one point we concern: How long does DWR PFC free last?

More Washing, Shorter DWRC life, that is almost people know.

DWR may last about 100 time washes, although the fabric standard is always passed 4 lever after 10 time washing.

Repaired DWR when it is less function, to use water repellent addition sprays according the instruction.

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PFC Free Durable Water Repellent

Durable water repellent, or DWR, is a coating added to fabrics at the factory to make them water-resistant (hydrophobic). Most factory-applied treatments are fluoropolymer based; these applications are quite thin and not always effective. Durable water repellents are commonly used in conjunction with waterproof breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex to prevent the outer layer of fabric from becoming saturated with water. This saturation, called 'wetting out,' can reduce the garment's breathability (moisture transport through the breathable membrane) and let water through. As the DWR wears off over time, re-treatment is recommended when necessary. Many spray-on and wash-in products for treatment of non-waterproof garments and re-treatment of proofed garments losing their water-repellency are available.


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